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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Marie Kondo has been called Japan's preeminent guru of tidiness. She wrote a book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up", that spent most of 2015 at the top of the best seller charts. For some, her book seems to tap into our primal need to impose order on our lives, lives that, these days, just seem too busy, and out of our control. Marie Kondo offers a solution, and it starts in your sock drawer. This week, our very own Phil Son dived head first in applying the famed KonMari method to his own life.

The Price of Inequality

Every election year, there always seems to be one or two topics that dominate our political imagination, like Iraq and terrorism in 2004, and like the financial crisis in 2008. This time around, even though we’re still in the primaries, the topic of the year seems to have already been chosen for us: inequality. But how unequal of a society are we anyways? How did we get to this state of inequality? And really, is it such a bad thing after-all?

This Changes Everything

If the Western, industrialized world had an economic mantra for the past forty years, it'd go something like this: "we're all neoliberal capitalists now". In other words, for almost half a century , we've let the market rule our economic world, and we've let that world become dominated almost entirely by one idea, the central tenet of capitalism itself : the profit-motive. But what happens when that profit motive comes into direct conflict with our ability to survive as human beings? Is our way of life destroying our ability to sustain life on the only planet we call home?

The Nutshell Podcast Episodes

We've been busy reading and reviewing the best of nonfiction, so you don't have to. So sit back and listen, enjoy and think.

The Nutshell Podcast Episodes

We've been busy reading and reviewing the best of nonfiction, so you don't have to.

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Phil Son

The Nutshell entertainer-in-cheif, Phil makes us laugh while telling it like it is, without any sugar coating, usually with books at the intersection of technology and society.

Ryan Kane

Sometimes light, sometimes serious, Ryan is always interesting with his book choices, which range from China to financial freedom.

John D'Alessandro

A lover of language, history, psychology, and politics, John usually chooses books that are too long for his attention span.